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Questioning Women Empowerment  - Lessons from Jalswarajya Project

This paper is an outcome of the documentation process to support my scholarly study titled ‘Review of Jalswarajya Project through gender and development perspective”. A field visit was carried out at Jaulke (D) village located at Dindori Taluka of Nashik District in the month of March 2007. The village is said to have implemented Jalswarajya Project in the year 2002. Technically Jaulke is a Batch I Phase I village of the project. The project was implemented for a period of 18 months and now in principle said to be in operational and maintenance phase.
The water supply scheme build at the village was outsourced to the local contractor. Villagers were to contribute 10 per cent of the capital cost for the infrastructure. The poor and the marginalised were said to contribute in kind (five per cent), in the form of labour and the elites contributed cash (five per cent). During the investigation process, at the Gram Panchayat…