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Collectivisation of Women in Sex Work

By – Aditya Bastola
The document intends to draw some of the theoretical discussion on collectivisation of women in sex work through a historical perspective that have lead the women to mobilise for a collective action while living in brothels. It also intends to highlight the pioneers of women’s movement which have motivated other women in sex work across India for collectivisation due to a popular believe for prevention of HIV/AIDS and meeting health and social needs associated with the malady. The process of collectivisation is mainly reflected on Sonagachi Project and Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh in Kolkata and Pune respectively.

Community Organisation a way forward for Collectivisation
According to Nag (2005), Collectivisation of women in sex work across India has been on the grounds of HIV/AIDS project strategies which relied on Peer Education System.
ALTHOUGH project implemented for prevention of HIV/AIDS, the primary strategy has been to mobilise women in sex work for collec…

Feature film review

Review of GURU Feature Film
By – Aditya Bastola
This is a review of GURU feature film director by Mani Ratnam. The review highlights in three perspectives; the changing role of nation state, the gender relationships – pre and post marriage with the focus on the main characters of the film, and significantly the role of media in capitalist era. The primary focus of the review is to highlight key issues related to the said perspectives on the footing of Gender, Development and Globalisation.
The feature film takes off on the aspirant character of Guru (Abhishek Bhachan), who is ready to perform any role to fulfil his dreams. He is characterised as an intelligent lad, with full hopes of achieving success and optimistic in nature.
Given the perspectives which this report signifies is the changing role of the nation state, in the post independence era, the gove…